A while back during the chaos of election season I had a chance to sit down with a local legend. The pioneer of radio broadcasting in Salmo, Baptist Minister, and all around great guy, Gerald Hutchman.

Sadly Salmo will soon be saying goodby to Gerald and his wife Donna as they relocate to Oregon to be closer to Donnas family. Luckily Gerald has agreed to keep us all up to date with all his new adventures in upcoming episodes of  ‘Keeping Up With Hutch’

Hope you enjoy. 

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On Council. EP 1.

Podcast Salmo expands its roster and has 3 new reporters join the team. We all attend the first council meeting of the Season and watch the new council and mayor get sworn into their new rolls. 

The new podcast crew introduces themselves and discuss their experience of attending their first council meeting.  

As always please enjoy.  Feedback is always welcome. 

SE.2.EP1 Corky Evans

Welcome to Season 2 of the podcast.
I have a go at talking to myself this episode in an attempt to outline the future of the podcast.
The podcast feed seems to me to be a broadcast platform with about 20 hours a month of uploadable audio content. I hope to have different themed shows on the platform and hope that it becomes like a radio station for the village. I briefly discuss the potential shows and possible community involvement. My lonely rambling is followed by a speech given by Corky Evans at the Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers societies 20 year anniversary gala. I hope you enjoy.